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1)  Contact Us
Please email us at
This step is for you to tell us a little about yourself and the home you could provide for a puppy. If approved, you may move forward and make a deposit. Please wait for approval before making a deposit.

2)  $250 Deposit
After approval from Step 1, you may place a deposit to reserve the next available puppy of the litter and gender of your choice. 

The deposit is to be paid via PayPal. Click here to make your deposit.

3)  Make Your Pick
You make your pick online via pictures and/or video when puppies are 7 weeks of age. This is a progressing process, starting with the person having the 1st-pick. Each family is given a space of time to make a selection. 

If a puppy is over 7 weeks of age when you reserve it, you make your selection when you pay your deposit.

4)  Pick Up Your Puppy

You are responsible to pick up your puppy on the pre-scheduled pick up date (generally the 1st Sunday afternoon, once the puppies have turned 8 weeks). You need to have your own crate.

The balance of payment is due in cash upon pick up. This includes the total puppy price minus the deposit you have already paid.

5)  Documents
You will receive:
    - AKC papers
    - Puppy Health Record 
    - Vet Check Report
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